Why here?

Interesting question. More like a complex one for me. So, basically I’m here to talk, to exchange ideas. As much as I’m an introvert in real life, no one can stop me around here. Well, it’s better to tell some basics about this page, right?

What?  To be honest, I change my mind constantly. So why stick to a pattern? I want this blog to have everything that I enjoy doing. There will be tons of stories -different genres-, music, discussions and maybe things that are a tad more serious like debates or commentaries.

When?  I’m wrapping up my semester in a few weeks. So, expect daily posts or at the very least every couple of days. I’m traveling a lot especially during this season, but I made a promise to update as much as I can.

Who?  Anyone, duh. Funny fact about me: I have quite a few pen pals, so why not enlarge the list? If you take pleasure in literature, press, music and even random topics, feel free to join. My arms are open to everyone, literally everyone.

In short terms, this is me. More to come in the upcoming articles. If you have any suggestions about what should come further, don’t hesitate to comment in the section below. *blowing kisses *



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