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“Where to now?” she asked, her voice cracking with emotion. The beauty of Venice was undeniable, the delicately stroking sun rays, the intoxicating saltiness invading their nostrils, the majestic, ancient building standing imposingly in front of them.

“Into the great unknown,” he whispered, squeezing with ferocity the thinness of her fingers, “and maybe even beyond that.”

Her full, burgundy lips curved upwards, small dimples forming right below her prominent cheekbones. She could drown in the overwhelming, grandiloquent scenery that was unfolding before her eyes. “And when that ends, what do we do?” she asked silently, her ears resonating with the impact of every syllable.

“Trust me,” his masculine voice reassured, “this adventure never ends.” His confidence was contagious, suddenly her soul exploding with desire, with pregnant will.

They were in Venice, after all, sheltered away from the commotion of their city, from the disgraceful words of the intruders. They were wrapped in a cocoon of their own, imperturbable and free. Beneath the wine-hued sky, their love could blossom, their footsteps mingling with thousands other ones.

This time, unlikely the rushing, uncoordinated crowds, they had a target. A reachable one.

  • excerpt from my 1 a.m. thoughts



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